For people on a budget that want to get a great picture, this may be the camera for them! Shipping in July at $3k you get the ability to shoot RAW 2k+, how awesome is that?! This camera also has the ability to pipe out 10bit 4:2:2 via SDI, which means you get the full dynamic range of the camera shipped out to an external recorder. This puppy records to 2.5″ SSD’s which are pretty affordable and claims 5hrs of RAW footage to a 480 gig card, not bad. If you need to invest in the external recorder this package would be a great option from B&H.

With all the greatness, there comes a drawback to make this affordable… a micro 4/3 sensor. Bummer. But, I’m over it. S35 looks amazing, but focusing on it is a pain, and I generally shoot at f4 anyways so that focusing is a bit easier, and I find shallow depth of field to be a bit clich√© anyways. The other drawback is audio… 1/4″ audio, no XLR… which means back to shooting with the Zoom. Monitoring will be an issue as well, seeing how there is only 1 SDI connection, and no HDMI. Since there is no flip out viewer, you’ll be forced to record to the SSD, and use your SDI to an external monitor. The other option would be to record to an external, and then pipe a feed out from there to your monitor. Over all the rig will pretty sizable… but for $5k you can get a RAW workflow.

Over all, when I have the money I may just shoot with this.

4.19.12 UPDATE
A friend that checked out the camera mentioned rolling shutter issues, which seems to be the buzz right now on this camera. More info to come soon!