Food Coma Show Pilot

A month or so ago Joe Ricchio and Zack Powell approached me to help them with their concept of the next evolution of Food Coma, now called “The Food Coma Show”. I called in favors from around Southern Maine to make this happen. The crew comprised Andrea Nilosek, Bret Labelle, Corey Norman, Matthew Fletcher, Nicholas Bowie-Haskell, Nick Callanan and myself.

The show was shot at Bresca in Portland, Maine with the Host Joe Ricchio and guests Joel Beauchamp, Jon Dietz, Julie Parisien, and Spose (Ryan Peters) enjoying each course with a wine pairing, 5 of them.

The real adventure will be left up to the editor to cut down 4 hrs ( x4 cameras ) to a 22 min. episode. GOOD LUCK!

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