Henry Prunier & David Thomas

Yesterday I had the privilege of filming Henry Prunier and David Thomas. At 90, Henry Prunier is the last remaining member ( 1 of 7) from “The Deer Team”. The Deer Team worked closely with the leaders of the Viet Minh, Vo Nguyan Giap and Ho Chi Minh. Giap and Minh who took a photograph with Prunier in 1945 would become top generals after Japans surrender. Ho Chi Minh would later lead North Vietnam against the combined forces of the U.S. And South Vietnam.

Read More About Henry Here

David Thomas is an talented artist, and proponent of the Vietnamese Art scene who will be taking artists over there with Bestor Cram as part of a class at the Maine Media Workshops. David is working with Vietnamese artist Le Quoc Veit who works with a dying written language.

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