Earlier this year Gary Robinov and I were invited to create a short film for Damnationland, an annual Maine Filmmaker based festival that generally happens around Halloween. This followed the success of Simpatica which we shot in January over the course of a day and a half sourcing all of the talent and crew from the Portland area.

As part of prepreation for our short, I decided to start to investigate how to distort the image in-camera. During this investigation Director Derek Kimball ( Neptune ) and I were speaking about his project and he suggested that I check out Bruno Aveillan and his use of distortion. Here are some examples:

Using a broken pieces of a wine glass, I tried different configurations and placement as well as shining a maglite though it to create some strategically placed flairs. I still have some testing to do with difference surfaces, but I will definitely be implementing this idea into our Damnationland short though in grittier fashion.