FALL 2015
Adam Burk approached me to put together a teaser for the 2016 TEDxDirigo event being held in Bar Harbor, Maine. With 2.5 weeks until the showing of the teaser, the concept of building a model came to me and Steve Bowden agreed to fabricate it. For the last few years has been building typeforms and objects using a CNC machine said the process would work fine for what I was looking to do. After a week of problem solving and building, we had our model to go with 36 hours to go before the shoot. The next day was spent painting, sealing, and building the tank. This was all finished with less than 12 hours before we were to be on set.

The lighting concept was to always have it moving, as though it was a realtime timelapse taking place over the course of a day. The water would flow to the ocean and ebb. After MANY bottles of Gatorade, gelatin, and 15 gallons of water we finished our shoot leaving 3 days for post.

DIRECTOR/DP: Dean Merrill
MUSIC: Jaw Gems
CAMERA OP: Theron Powell
GAFFER: Adam Belanger
GRIPS: Mark Hensley, Adrian Wong-Ken
FX: George Dalphin
PA: Katherine Benedict
SPECIAL THANKS: High Output Portland, White Dog Arts