TEDxDirigo Event Maine

January 2010-2012

Late in 2009 the event series TED created an independent license model called TEDx, in which you could hold a local event using their format and branding. Beginning in January 2010 I was the first to license this program in Maine, and co-founded TEDxDirigo with Michael Gilroy (owner of Frontier in Brunswick). Joining the team were leads Adam Burk and Janice O’rourke, supported by a half a dozen others.

For the first 2 years, I helped lay down the ground work for a world class event, as well as providing packaging, branding, marketing materials, and video production services. After the event was on a solid trajectory, I handed over the event license to Adam Burk who has done a fantastic job raising awareness of Maine’s talent.
Since its inception 5+ years ago, TEDxDirigo annually has had its talks featured on the TED website and has a total of over 1 million views of their talks. Many of the speakers have gone on to international notoriety, and have been featured on NPR’s TED Radio Hour. The events have also aided the careers of those are involved with creating them, as well as those who have attend the events.

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