Pre-Production on Wolf Richards Film Begins

For the last 3 months, I have been working on putting together a feature length film on Gola Wolf Richards, his life and philosophy. There has been a lot of planning, and now we are doing some pre-production filming to help us lay the groundwork for the “official” shoot later this year.


With our world dissolving around us, social and financial structures failing, and the planetary climate in crisis, the world is looking for a solution. Perpetually looked for externally, Wolf Richards shows that to externally manifest peace, you must first resolve the conflicts within.

If a remedy is not found for the collective deficits in our perspectives, as the momentum of negativity increases and cultural interactions furthermore fail, hope will likewise fade. A practical theory for strategic change must be identified and broadly applied. This film explores such a framework for dynamic healing; between history as it has been, and profound potentials for individuals to co-create and orchestrate a sane and sustainable world.

Through spoken word, and interviews/discussions with key personalities Wolf explores the underlying principles of human sustainability; allowing for the greatest revolution in evolution to occur: peace. As a philosopher and counselor for human development, this is a film about what Wolf knows, and what others now need to learn.


Durring the pre-production process I will be posting regular updates, as well as footage from these shoots. I expect the first footage to be live within the next few weeks.

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