In prep for a “slow-ish motion” shoot with the Sony FS7, I decided to run it through some tests. Since the camera only shoots 120fps in HD, everything had to be shot at 1080p. Each test was shot with the CineEI in SLog3.


This camera seems very noisy at 1080p, which is what it shoots 120fps at. It must look more clean when shooting 24fps at 4k as I have seen some stunning imagery from it.

[tg_vimeo width=”” height=”” video_id=”125734074″]


[tg_vimeo width=”” height=”” video_id=”125734073″]


The camera performs very well over all, with about 11-12 useable stops, which are mostly in the shadows. The camera does have impressive highlights though. Underexposing and fixing is post looks like a bad idea for anything over 2 stops in HD as it brings out the noise in a hurry.

Exposure test in stills:

FS7 Exposure Test
PDF 1.3mb

[tg_vimeo width=”” height=”” video_id=”125734071″]


[tg_vimeo width=”” height=”” video_id=”125737753″]