TEDxDirigo: 2012 Intro Video

For this year’s TEDxDirigo Intro Video I decided to try something more artistic and collaborative. Adam Burk suggested that I talk with Rachel Boggia who is a dance instructor at Bates as well as a speaker at this past TEDx event. The TEDx team, Seth Kerns and I met and came up with the concept of slow motion dancing as a loose symbol for this year’s theme of “Villages”. With the amazing help of her students ( credited below ), Justin Moriarty, Mark Hensley, David Turner, and Andrea Nilosek we were able to put this production together. The major hurtle was finding a lighting solution that would work on the stage’s power grid and provide us with the necessary light for high speed camera work. After research and discussion I decided to use a 6K Space Light and 3 2Ks that would fit our small budget.

After the shoot Seth Kearns of Tidal Sound Studio worked with me to craft a custom score for the video. We jammed out for a few nights and came up with a killer sound for the piece. At the same time I worked, literally around the clock, to get this finished in time for the event.

From start to finish, this piece was completed in under 1 month. Great job everyone!

Cinematography and Post: Dean Merrill
Music: Seth Kearns @ Tidal Sound Studios
Choreography: Rachel Boggia
Basia Braboy
, Bridgette Chandhoke, 
Zoe Fahy, 
Michael Feidy, 
Travis Jones, 
Anna Lanove
, Sheena Malik, 
Holly McLaughlin
, Tsarina Merrin, 
Rachel Ganteaume Richards, Isaina Ricke
, Julianna Toppses, 
Nicole Toppses
Camera Operators:
 Mark Hensley, 
David Turner
AC: Andrea Nilosek
Key Grip: Justin Moriarty
Grip PA:
 Kayla Bailey
Liza Danello
, Asaad Miller, 
Julie Polizzotto, 
Carole Rosenberg
Special Thanks:
 Nick Rofe
, Bates College
, Jayson Lobozzo

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