The Food Coma Show: Pilot Episode

After months of hard work by Ben Keller, we have the premiere episode of The Food Coma Show live!
The premiere happened this past Sunday at The Space, where we had a great turnout for the end of the weekend. Over 100 people enjoyed Joe’s crazy Mac and Cheese, drank, and “gut laughed” for 25 minute episode.

The entire episode made possible by the amazing crew below who donated their time to the project.
Director of Photography: Dean Merrill
Assistant Director: Andrea Nilosek
Show Editor: Ben Keller
Audio: Matthew Fletcher
Camera Operators:
Nicholas Bowie-Haskell
Nick Callanan
Bret Labelle
Corey Norman
Graphics By: Murphy Empire

We are now looking for people to help fund the next episode. Contact me or Joe Ricchio at

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