Finest Kind Tea Cinematic Product Vignettes

Finest Kind Tea Cinematic Product Vignettes


I met with Pulp+Wire late last year to see how we could work together, and they came immediately back with a product shoot for their client, Finest Kind Tea. They were about to launch the new site along with product rebranding, new trade show booth, and they saw these videos as a vital part of all of it. I suggested they bring Gary Robinov from White Dog Arts in to help Produce, and Direct the shoot.

With the help of Pulp+Wire, White Dog Arts and my crew executed 1 very tightly scheduled day of shooting. It consisting 4 table setups AND time for photography, which used our lighting.

With some help from Seth Kearns over at Tidal Sound Studio (foley) we produced 4 product spots, and a longer trade show video with custom branding transitions.

*Please note that the 1919 product name has been changed.


January 24, 2015