Good mates, great views, and WIND

Fergs Rock Gym

The mission of the day was to head to the local indoor rock wall to get some exercise. While poking around the tiny bouldering caves, I met 2 travelers from Toronto. Over the next 2 days we did some climbing at the gym, and the hiked Mount Victoria.

The gym is pretty small, tucked way in one of the sheds at the pier near Te Papa. The routs are bit awkward, but besides that and the odd grigri’s they use, its a nice local spot. After our session we headed out for a quick hike up Mount Victoria.


One thing that I never expected visiting here, was how windy it would be. The wind speeds average 15-26 km/h, if not more.


After our hike I left my friends to meet up with the local TEDx’ers.

I met up with DK at the larges cooperative working space in Australia and New Zealand, called The BizDojo. This space is HUGE, with all kinds of nice nooks for meetings and working.


Shortly after meeting up with the TEDxWellington crew, we all went down to Cuba St. to meet up with some TEDx’ers from the south island. When we arrived at Midnight Espresso, I was greeted by the kind folks of TEDxChristchurch and TEDxQueenstown. As it turned out, Trent and his nephew were going to be on the Weta Cave tour that I was attending the next day.