Meeting up in downtown, we hopped a shuttle to Weta in Miramar. Along the way we heard rummers of Tarantino visiting the city, and Scarlett Johansson in town to work on Ghost in the Shell. As we pulled into Miramar Weta Digital buildings were scattered through the area, as well as Stone Street Sound Stages.

The Weta Cave is loaded with goodies, mostly Hobbit, though the do have some legacy items from LotR.

After watching a short video you are taken to a large room in The Workshop (no pictures allowed) showing a diverse group of props, models, and suits from their projects. This tour is great for people interested in special FX, but don’t know anything about it. As I had seen all of the extended editions BTS, and with years of film knowledge, the tour was a bit weak for the cost. Over all though, my inner geek loved the experience, and was inspired by the amazing creative hub contained in such a small area.

After our tour we went to The Coco at The Roxy where I enjoyed a finely crafted meal with a lamb base. While there Sir Richard Taylor walked in and had dinner with a group of folks 2 tables down. Again, the inner geek in me was thrilled!